Bournemouth Air Festival 2014

28th August to 31st August 2014

The count down has begun! After a stunningly brilliant 2013 Air show the date has been set for next years extravaganza. Bournemouth Air festival 2014 will run from 28th August through to the 31st August. The 2014 show will have a great deal to live up to. The 2013 Bournemouth Air festival entertained over 1.4 million visitors over the shows duration. It was without doubt one of the best (if not the best) air festival in Europe.

As we look at the emerging line up for 2014 already it has been confirmed that The RAF Red Arrows display team will appear on all four days of the airshow. As the 2014 Bournemouth Air Festival is right at the end of the display season there will also be plenty of opportunities to see the Red Arrows elsewhere in the country.

The current list of nationwide Red Arrows display dates and locations can be found  Here - Red Arrows Display Schedule

Hopefully 2014 will see the return of the Vulcan. Sadly Vulcan XH558 could not make it in 2013 due to a fuel leak, but that was about the only let down over the whole of the 2013 flying schedule. More information (as it becomes available) will be put up here.

Display Aircraft, Teams & local Air Museums Information is Here:

Bournemouth Air Show Aircraft and Museums

The Battle of Britain memorial flight
The Battle of Britain memorial flight
The Battle of Britain memorial flight
The Chinook heavy lift helicopter
Red Arrow Singleton
redarrows tearing up the sky over Bournemouth Beach
The nine Red Arros
The 5 Red Arrows without the singleton pair
The B17 Flying Fortress - Sally B
The Typhoon roars over Bournemouth Air festival
The Vulcan at Bournemouth Air Festival 2009

Official data and information regarding  the Bournemouth Air Festival can be found on the Bournemouth Air Website
If you are a trader or otherwise wish to participate in the show the Bournemouth Air Website should be your first port of call

Bournemouth Air Festival 2013 Post Show Memo:

And what an airshow that was! Beautiful sunny weather all through the four days of the airshow led to record crowds with around 1.3 million airshow visitors in total. 404,000 on Saturday alone. Bournemouth Air festival 2013 was without doubt the best and biggest so far. Even the "fleet" of ships, boats and yachts was a records breaker with 950 anchored off the beach on Saturday.

A Parachutist comes in to land
A Parachutist comes in to land
A Parachutist comes in to land
A French aerobatic team give a breathtaking display
A display by wing walkers on a pair of biplanes
The red Arrows
The Typhoon screams over the assembled flotilla below
The Vulcan pounds along the coast in 2009

During the magnificent 2013 Bournemouth Airshow the Red Arrows gave flawless displays. Many vintage aircraft were flown (many aerobatically). Among these was the vividly painted Hawker Hunter known as Miss Demenour which gave a truly awesome display. Other vintage jets included a Sea Venom FB50 and a Meteor. There was, of course, the Battle of Britain Memorial flight. The RAF presented a display by the Tutor and Tucano RAF training aircraft as well as an awesome display by a Chinook a heavy lift helicopter. There were breathtaking parachute displays and much action centered on the landing beach area on east Cliff Beach. The 1.4 million visitors were also thrilled by several private aerobatic display teams. Other aircraft included a Flying Fortress B17. Last but by no means least (and certainly not the quietest!) was a display by the Typhoon Fighter which is currently the RAF's frontline fighter. As Bournemouth Air Show gets ever more popular it is reasonable to assume that most (if not all of these aircraft and disp[lay teams will appear at Bournemouth Air Festival in 2014. Infact you can alomost guarantee there will be more planes, more parachutists and simply more of everything in 2014.

There were few disappointments. The biggest was that sadly the Vulcan could not make it. A fuel leak was responsible for the cancellation. Hopefully we will see the Vulcan XH558 return another year (possible 2014).