Durley Chine Beach

Durley Chine beach is the proud possessor of a coveted blue flag award. It is arguably the best beach in Bournemouth. The Blue Flag essentially guarantees a clean and well cared for beach.

Parking information for Durley Chine is on This Link

The beach (in summer) is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards who have a prominent watch house on the beach. The lifeguards also administer the clever and sensible LV KidZone scheme. This scheme is used on most Bournemouth beaches. Each child is issued with a coloured wrist tag. The colour of the tag relates to the beach area they are currently occupying. There is room on the tag for the phone number of the parents mobile to be written as well. If the child subsequently gets lost, it is much easier and far less stressfull for both parents and children who can be quickly re-united by the lifeguards.

Durley Chine Beach

Durley Chine has a pub, a cafe and a number of beach orientated shops selling everything from ice-cream and chips through to sun hats and sun glasses. There is also a boat hire facility. But without doubt the most important aspect of Durley Chine Beach is its acres of clean golden sand and pollution free bathing water. It is arguably the best beach in Bournemouth. This then implies it is one of the best beaches in the world.

A Chine is essentially a narrow gorge leading down to the beach from higher ground. Unfortunately Durley Chine itself is now essentially a large car park and has no scenic value.However just 75 meters further west along the beach is the beautiful Middle Chine that also leads down onto Durley Chine Beach. Middle Chine is a pretty gentle walk of about 500 meters from West Overcliff Drive. The top entrance to Middle Chine is near the junction of West Overcliff Drive, West Cliff Road and Clarendon Road.

But here is a quick tip.

If parking around Durley Chine is difficult, drive on round West Overcliff Drive. Turn left into West Cliff Road at the junction. Immediately start looking for parking that is available on your left. Near the Junction of West Overcliff Drive, West Cliff Road and and Clarendon Road, there are around 100 free car parking spaces. Often these get filled late in the day due to the incorrect perception that the this parking area is too far from the beach. However after parking up, just follow the footpath sign close to this junction for "Middle Chine". You will have a nice gentle stroll down an easy path through the pretty Middle Chine to the beach. You will emerge onto Durley Chine Beach about 100 meters west of the busy Durley Chine car park and pub.