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Privacy Policy

This site does not collect or attempt to collect any private data. No pages are dependant on you revealing any of your own personal data and no personal data needs to be entered at any stage unless you want to send an email to the site owner. If you contact the site owner via email, then all you need is a valid email address.Any email will be regarded as private.

Your email address will not be traded/sold/given to anyone else. It will only be used for a reply (if a reply is appropriate) The site will fully function if cookies are turned off or on. The site does not directly set any cookies. Google analytics and Google adsense set cookies but this is simply used to track their adverts and calculate site useage across the statistical user base.

I hope that just about clears up any privacy issues!

Advertising and Promotion

Currently this site mainly uses Google adverts to pay its hosting fees. If you like the site and feel your adverts would be relevent to the area or subject, you can advertise your business here for a very economical rate.

I want to maintain the special relationship this site has with Bournemouth and its beaches so I would like to restrict adverts to those relevent to the local area or subject matter.

If you are interested, email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The History of this Site

This site started out as part of But as HH grew and grew, it became less focussed on its original subject. So as of the end of August 2011, I decided to move the non historical/environmental information to completely new and complimentary web-sites. Hence

In order to make the website pay its way there is a limited amount of advertising on the site, the majority of which will be directly related to Bournemouth and its magnificent beaches.

The site is an independant web site and is neither financed or controlled by any bodies other than me. This site has just been totally reconfigured and a great deal new and unique content is to be added now the change-over from the old (pre-historic home grown) CMS has taken place. This new configuration is fully responsive and will serve everything from a high-end desktop to a low end smart-phone