West Cliff Beach

West Cliff Beach is one of the two primary Bournemouth beach along with East Cliff Beach. It occupies the beach strand from the West of Bournemouth Pier up to Durley Chine beach to the west and is about 1.5 miles long.

Parking information for West Cliff Beach is on This Link

Like its partner, East Cliff beach, on the other side of Bournemouth Pier, West Cliff beach has many facilities and is regularly patrolled by R.N.L.I lifeguards. Deck chairs and wind breaks are readily available for hire, there are toilets, cafes and ice cream sellers.

The West Cliff Beach seen from the Pier

Like its counterpart the other side of Bournemouth Pier, West Cliff beach is primarily composed of a fine cream coloured sand. It is a very clean, safe and enjoyable beach. The promenade at the back of the beach is known as West Undercliff Drive. Pedestrian access can be made from either the Bournemouth Pier approach, Durley Chine or via the Zigzag leading down from the cliff top. There is also a cliff lift that operates between 09:15 through to 17:30 during the summer.

Bournemouth West Cliff Beach

Although arguably somewhat less busy than East Cliff beach, West Cliff beach can and does get quite crowded in the summer on a nice day. There is a KidZone scheme in operation in the summer to prevent children getting lost on the beach. While the East Cliff side of Bournemouth Pier boasts a Harry Ramsdens, the West Cliff side boasts an Aquarium! So however you like your fish, for a family day, digging the sand, bathing in the safe waters or sunning yourself, either West Cliff beach or East Cliff beach should fit the bill.