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Bournemouth Air Festival: Extra Parking

Every year for the Bournemouth Air Festival extra parking in the form of an economical park and ride system is set up. It has always been very successful and after years of practice works like clockwork.

Most town and beach car parks will also be open but these fill very quickly, and being in the centre of town or along the sea front they often take some time to get out of in the evening. For most folk arriving by car I would suggest that the best option is the park and ride scheme.


This year things are slightly different. There will be NO park and ride at the Littledown Centre. However the other two usual park and ride locations will both have extended opening times. (Want to know who is flying on what day? See the latest Whats On Post)

Here they are:

Kings Park (BH7 7AF)

Kings Park will be open during the following times. The cost is for the whole day and (I believe) includes bus transport for up to six passengers from any one vehicle to the sea-front.

Time and costs are as so

Day          Open        Last Bus        Cost
Thursday  9am            11pm         cost: £10
Friday       9am            11pm         cost: £12
Saturday   9am            11pm         cost: £12
Sunday     9am            7pm           cost: £10

All routes into Bournemouth will be fully labeled up and there will be a number of extra temporary illuminated signs to help you on your way. But, for the paranoid (like me) here’s a quick route guide if you are coming in along the A338 (which most folk will be) . Remember this is just my take on this as a local. So if things change or are different for some reason always follow the official instructions.

As you come down the A338 to Bournemouth you will go under an illuminated purple/Blue sign “Welcome to Bournemouth”. You will be entering a 50mph zone that is quite rigorously enforced – so beware. Keep going straight ahead and over a fly-over. There will be traffic merging with you from the left but try and stay in the left lane. The turning you will need is the next urning off the A338. It is about one mile further on from the fly-over on the left. When you come off the A338 you end up at a small mini-roundabout. You want the second turning off this mini-roundabout, which is essentially straight over it. You are then in Kings Park. Follow the signs and directions.

Heres a google map with further directions – if you need it.


Redhill Park (BH9 2SW)

This year it looks like Redhill Park will NOT be open on the Thursday.
Redhill park will open during the following times. The cost is the same as for Kings Parks, and are likewise for the the whole day and (I believe) includes bus transport for up to six passengers from any one vehicle to the sea-front.
Time and costs are as so

Day        Open         Last Bus        Cost
Thursday CLOSED
Friday       9am           11pm             £12
Saturday   9am            11pm            £12
Sunday      9am           7pm             £10

Redhill is more readily accessible for those coming from the West although both it and Kings Park will be very fully sign-posted. The main access is along the A347 or the A341. While it should be quite easy to get to (and will be heavily signposted) it is best to have a look at the map if you want to get an idea of your route before setting out.


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