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Bournemouth Air Festival – Whats On

Bournemouth Air Festival runs from Thursday 30th Aug to Sunday 2nd Sep. Information on the Park & Ride scheme is on THIS LINK

This should give you an idea of whats on but full details and exact times are only available in the official air festival brochure that can be ordered on the SeeTickets link here: THIS LINK The money raised from this brochure goes to worthwhile charities in Bournemouth. Below I’ve limited myself to the flying displays. There will also be many spectacular static and seaborne displays as well.


Red Arrows. (Thurs/Fri/Sat)

The most amazing flying team in the world. Nine BAe Hawk T1 advanced trainers. They never fail to impress. The Red Arrows Website is here Red Arrows Website

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) (every day)

The iconic Spitfire and Hurricane will display their agility. The Douglas DC3 used extensively throughout the war for paratroop operations will accompany them. All these aircraft are now approaching 80 years old. It is a real credit to the crews and particularly the ground staff that they are maintained in an airworthy condition. Unfortunately, this year the Lancaster will not be attending Bournemouth Air Festival due to restricted flying hours. Link to: BBMF Website

Fairy Swordfish (every day)

Although intended to be phased out early in the Second World War, this biplane, which looks more like a throw back to the first world war saw extensive active service right up until the end. Famed for the attack on the Italian fleet in Taranto and the attack on the Bismark that crippled the Battleship and sealed its fate the Swordfish is an icon for the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Link to:  Fleet Air Arm Historic Flight Website

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress. “The Sally B” (every day)

The magnificent B17 Sally B is a regular attender at Bournemouth Air Festival. She is a poignant reminder of the thousands of USA air crew who lost their lives during the second world war. She always provides a great display. Link to: Sally B Website

The Tigers Free Fall Parachute team (every day)

The premier free fall display team in the world. The British Army always put on a fantastic display and have been (I think) to every Bournemouth Air Festival since its inception. Link to: The Tigers Website

The Great War Display Team (Sat, Sun)

Flying seven aircraft all of which were designed over a hundred years ago, the Great War Display team promise a truly spectacular display. They appeared last year but had to cancel one day due to bad weather. This year, especially as we near the centenary of the end of the Great War lets hope the weather stays good. They will be flying SE5A, Avro 504K, BE2C, Sopwith tri-plane, Fokker DR1 Junkers CL1. Link to: Great War Display Team Website

Breitling Jet Team (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Flying Czech L39 Albatros advanced jet trainers this team of seven include some of the most experienced display pilots in the world. This is their first appearance at Bournemouth Air Festival and it promises to be spectacular . On Saturday the Breitling Jet Team will perform two displays, one during the day and one at night. Link to: Breitling Jet Team Website

Team Raven (every day)

Team Raven fly 6 self build Vans RV piston engined monoplanes (1 RV4 and 5 RV8s) Two of the aircraft in this display team were actually built by team members. They have been displaying since 2014 and promise a great display on each day of the air festival. Link to: Raven Display Team Website

Pitts S-25 (every day)

Originally designed way back in 1944 the Pitts Special biplane has evolved continuously. Capable of aerobatic feats that others can only dream of this specialty display aircraft will be flown by Richard Godwin. Wikipedia on the Pitts Special:

Boeing Stearman AeroSuperBatics Wing-walkers (every day)

The worlds only wing-walking display team. Wave back to the lunatic on the wing. I do! Really a great display. The Boeing Stearman was a USA trainer used in the 1930’s and 1940’s and was roughly the equivalent of the UK Tiger Moth from the same period. The Stearman is quite a big biplane and an impressive aircraft, even without a pretty girl on the top wing! Link to: Super Aerobatics Website

Fireflies Aerobatic Team (every day)

Using two Vans RV4 low wing monoplanes (as also used by Team Raven) The Fireflies specialize in dusk displays and produce a truly memorable illuminated display. Link to: Fireflies Display Team Website

Boeing Chinook (Fri/Sat/Sun)

The iconic double rotor Chinook. Designed fifty years ago it is still arguably the best heavy lift helicopter in the world. Operated by the RAF for the last 30 years the Chinook has seen action in every theater that has deployed British military personnel. A truly amazing aircraft.RAF Chinook Display Team Website

BAe Strikemaster (Sat/Sun)

The Strikemaster was a development of the 1970’s RAF basic trainer called the Jet Provost. Both aircraft will display. Both are highly maneuverable and will provide a great display. Link to: Strikemaster Display UK Website

De Havilland Vampire FB52 (Sat/Sun)

The worlds only part wooden jet fighter. Extensively used in the early fifties by many air forces from around the world then De-Havilland Vampire was the first of a number of twin tail boom British fighters. This excellently maintained pair are from the Norwegian Air Force historic flight. Link to: Norwegian Historical Squadron Web Site

O’Brians Flying Circus (Thurs, Fri, Sat)

Brendan O’Brians flying circus has entertained and enthralled air show audiences all over the world. Not just a flying display but more a (sort of) Aerial theater ,O’Brian’s Flying Circus will amaze you. Link to: O’Brians Flying Circus Website

The Blades Aerobatic Team (Sat, Sun)

The Blades aerobatic team consists of four Extra EA-300 low wing monoplanes that have been specifically designed for high performance aerobatics and are flown by four highly experienced aerobatic display pilots. They promise a fantastic display. Link to: The Blades Display Team Website

Twister Aerobatic Team (Thurs, Fri, Sat)

Using a airframe originally designed as a radio controlled aerobatic display platform, the two Silence SA1100 Twister aircraft have made huge improvements on the original and use many innovative construction techniques that put this team at the forefront of aerobatic display development. This promises to be spectacular. Link to: Twister Aerobatics Website

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