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This is a personal guide to Bournemouth Beach. There is also  information on Bournemouth town,  some parking information (both free and paid) and information about the many gardens, nature reserves and parks that surround Bournemouth.

Half website, half blog, it is (and will probably always remain) a work in progress. The focus is on zero (or low) cost attractions and features. If there are any errors I apologise. WYSIWYG.



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Queries and Corrections

I hope you like the site. It is here, really, simply because I wanted to display the beauty of this part of the world. I hope to expand it to cover more aspects of Bournemouth beaches and town as time goes on. I have (as of December 2017) rebuilt the site primarily to make it  more manageable and less arcane. If you find a problem I would be grateful if you could tell me along with what device you were using. If you want to contact me to correct any errors etc please email me here. Thank you.

Privacy Policy

This site does not collect or attempt to collect any private data. Google ads (if clicked) may set a cookie but that’s up to Google not me. Similarly Google analytics may set a short term cookie but this is simply to figure out the statistical user-base of this site. No pages are dependant on you revealing any of your own personal data and no personal data needs to be entered at any stage unless you want to send an email to the site owner. If you contact the site owner via email, then all you need is a valid email address. Any email will be regarded as private. Your email address will not be traded or sold or given to anyone else (unless it is to the Police!). It will only be used by me for a reply (if a reply is appropriate) If you are concerned about any aspect of your privacy on this site you may either contact the site adminstrator by email here .

I hope that just about clears up any privacy issues!