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Alum Chine Beach, West of Bournemouth Pier

Alum Chine Beach is “the” beach to be on if you have small children. All the major Bournemouth beaches have a KidZone scheme, but this beach goes a little bit further to cater for the very young. The is a large adventure playground and  a nice paddling pool with a friendly(ish) water pump.

Alum Chine Beach
Alum Chine Beach

The beach is to the West of Bournemouth Town Centre and Bournemouth pier. This beautiful beach provides another unique feature for the visitor by having its own sub tropical garden. Due to the benign micro climate along this part of the UK coast, it is possible to grow many exotic species of plant and tree that would normally be only found in on a more southerly latitude. At the back of the beach and immediately above the children’s play ground, is a very scenic sub-tropical garden with excellent views out over the Solent.


Alum Chine sub-tropical Gardens
Alum Chine sub-tropical Gardens

Alum Chine Beach also has a great number of beach huts to rent and a large car park. The final icing on the cake is that this beach is one of the four Bournemouth beaches that holds a coveted blue flag award. The blue flag award is an international award given to beaches that are exceptionally clean and environmentally friendly. Alum Chine has possessed this award for several years and (if I remember correctly) Alum Chine was the first Bournemouth beach to achieve the award.

There is an Italian restaurant and there are a number of ice cream vendors and takeaways.

Parking at Alum Chine Beach

The car park can fill quickly during the busy summer period but there is also a regular bus service (Yellow buses 2A and 2B). These buses follow different and extensive routes through Bournemouth taking in many of the local areas.

More information on parking here can be found On This Link

Further information on this beach and the sub-tropical Argyll Gardens can be found on the council website On This Link