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Avon Beach, near Mudeford

Avon beach is a family orientated beach near Mudeford Quay. It is around nine miles from the centre of Bournemouth.  It morphs into the less commercialised Friars Cliff beach as you go westward.  Avon Beach with Friars Cliff beach is around two miles in length

Avon Beach Promenade
Avon Beach Promenade

The eastern end of the beach is privately owned and was run by the Dereham family for 70 years before being sold to new owners about five years ago.
The beach is very popular and is one of the premier beaches in the area. It is a good sandy family beach with many facilities including lifeguard, cafe, toilets, shop and various ice-cream sales points.


The width of the beach has grown significantly in the last 30 years and now boasts a small lagoon near the cafe and bizarrely out-of-place end of groyne markers that pop up in the middle of the beach. If you want a beach for the kids to dig, with everything close at hand this is a good beach for you. Due to its popularity in the Summer, this beach can get very crowded.  However  it is a clean safe beach for all the family and has all the facilities you could ever want.

Parking at Avon Beach

Looking down on Avon Beach
Looking down on Avon Beach

The are two main car parks, one which right on the beach and the other which is a short walk and sits in a hidden hollow directly behind the beach. Due to its popularity, in the summer, the council opens a third car park about half a mile to the east. Although not as directly accessible to the beach as the two primary car parks, it is still an easy walk from this third car park to the beach. Otherwise parking in the area is difficult. Almost all roads within a mile of the beach having parking restrictions. Further information on parking for this beach can be found On This Link

The café/restaurant (now called the “Noisy Lobster” has gone upmarket. It sits at the end of the primary beach level car park and stays open all year. Even in the depths of winter it remains busy. It serves both food and hot drinks.

The extensive facilities available on this beach are detailed on the owners website which can be found On This Link