Bournemouth Air Festival 2021

The Thirteenth annual Bournemouth Air Festival will take place from 2nd September 2021 through to the 5th September 2021

Here's some GREAT news! After all the doom and gloom of the Covid epidemic it looks like the Bournemouth Air festival is going to be revived! The four day event will be packed (as usual) with exotic air displays and will feature both historic aircraft as well as cutting edge aviation.

The Red Arrows have been secured for all four days. Displays by the Typhoon, as well as many historic aircraft, are also on going to take place. The Air Show team have done a wonderful job in securing and setting up this years display at both short notice and with the obvious restraints due to Covid. Rather than present a duplicate of the participants may I refer you to the main airshow website which should should contain the very latest information. It is Here On This Link.

Extra Parking

As there is a great influx of visitors to the air show, Bournemouth Council open up a park-and-ride scheme. This operates very well and has been a success ever since the inception of the air show. Around 800,000 people attend the the Bournemouth Air Festival so as you can appreciate, parking in Town over the period is fraught. I would suggest that out of town visitors use the park and ride.

Evidently parking at Kings Park will be free. But as Kings Park is quite a distance from the beach there is a bus system where a return ticket will cost £12. This will cover up to seven people travelling. There will be about a ten minute walk from the drop off point to the beach. Parking will now also be available from Redhill

This year the park and ride will operate out of Kings Park for all days (postcode: BH7 7AF). Due to the expected demand park and ride at Redhill (postcode: BH9 2SW) will also be available BUT only on on Saturday and Sunday.The other sites used in previous years will not be open. For reference the park and ride drop off point near the beach will be at Manor Road ( postcode: BH1 3EZ)

Park-Ride Open Times are as follows:

  • Thursday 9.00am – last bus at 11pm (Kings Park only)
  • Friday 9.00am – last bus at 11pm (Kings Park only
  • Saturday 9.00am – last bus at 11pm (Kings Park and Redhill)
  • Sunday 9.00am – last bus at 7pm (Kings Park and Redhill)