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Bournemouth Beach Parking Tips

Looking for Bournemouth beach parking? Here’s the postcode I reckon you need for your satnav to take you close to the nearest  parking for each Bournemouth beach. I hope this information is correct but it is NOT guaranteed. It is provided as-is.

Alum Chine Beach BH4 8HS

Alum Chine Car park is a small car park of about 105 spaces, 5 of which are reserved for disabled parking. It is approximately 200 yards further on from the post code and is along side the curved cul-de-sac.


Alum Chine
Alum Chine

In the summer months it fills quickly. As I remember there was free street parking on the road leading into the car park, but for obvious reasons this fills almost immediately in the morning.

Avon Beach Mudeford BH23 4AG or BH23 4DX or BH23 4EW

The beautiful sandy family beach at Mudeford is serviced by three car parks. These incidentally do not really form part of Bournemouth beach parking as they are in a different borough!

Avon Beach
Avon Beach

The first is directly onto the beach at BH23 4AG. The second is a larger car park for around 250 cars at the end of Island View Avenue at BH23 4DX. This sunken car park is easy to miss so keep your eyes open especially when you turn into Avon Run Road. The other car park is a grass car park at BH23 4EW on Southcliffe road and while being the furthest from the beach is only a short walk away.  Street parking is difficult. Most roads have double yellow lines to prevent them becoming blocked or restricted by holiday makers.

Boscombe Beach BH5 1BN

As you come down the hill towards Boscombe Beach and pier (which is the post code) there is a car park on the left about 50 yards from the round about by the pier.

Portman Ravine Boscombe Beach
Portman Ravine Boscombe Beach

This is the Overstrand car park with about 70 spaces. There is also another car park at the bottom of the hill – turn right off the round-about. This is the Undercliff Drive car park is sometimes closed or restricted. It offers nose on parking direct onto the beach for 300 cars.

Durley Chine Beach BH2 5JF

Unfortunately the main car park for Durley Chine beach has a very confusing post code.

Durley Chine
Durley Chine

Officially the code is BH2 5JG although on Google maps (and Bing maps) the correct code appears to be BH2 5JF. The post code for some flats near the entrance to the car park is given as BH2 5HJ. So take your choice, although personally I would go for BH2 5JF. Please remember that a post code is NOT for the car park but for a nearby location. When you approach the end of your journey you need to watch out for the car park and car park road sign directions.

Eastcliff and Westcliff Beach BH1 2EW

Bath Road North and Bath Road South car parks are the primary Bournemouth beach parking areas. They are close to Bournemouth Pier. The two car aprks are literally either side of the road between the the Royal Bath Hotel and the Bournemouth International Centre (and closer to the Royal Bath Hotel than the BIC). They each have respectively, approximately 120 and 110 places. They are not huge and fill quickly.  Eastcliff Beach and Westcliff Beach are quite close to the town centre so remember major Major Town Centre Car Parks (link) are only a short walk from these beaches. Particularly BIC Multistorey, The Pavilion and the Winter gardens car parks.

Fishermans Walk Beach BH5 1LL

Fishermans Walk and also the eastern end of Boscombe beach are lucky to have a significant amount of free street parking available. This is probably the last free Bournemouth Beach parking available. It is situated mainly between the Commodore Inn and Byron Road junction on the Boscombe Overcliff Drive. It is mostly arranged as nose on parking on the beach  side of the road. There is also normal street parking on the northern side of the road. The roads that join onto Boscombe Overcliff Drive also usually allow street parking. The last time I looked this street parking was free. But it is important to verify that this is still the case.

Bournemouth council are reducing the amount of free on street parking every year. From the street parking there are some fairly steep pathways down to the beach known as the zig zags. An alternative is to use the cliff lift which is almost opposite the Commodore Inn. The post code is about mid way along the area that has street parking.

Hengistbury Head Beach and Mudeford Sandspit. BH6 4EL and BH6 4DX

Bournemouth beach parking is well served at  Hengistbury Head  The nearest car park to hengistbury Head (and therefore Mudeford Sandspit) is the Broadway Car Park (BH6 4EL) which holds 700 vehicles. However the car park that is actually nearest to Hengistbury Head Beach is Solent car park (BH6 4DX). This car park holds 550 vehicles. There is also some heavily time restricted street parking along the Broadway and along Rolls Drive, limited to one hour.

Mudeford Sandspit (via Ferry) at Mudeford Quay BH23 4AB

Mudeford Sandspit can be accessed from either Hengistbury Head (see above) or via a ferry from Mudeford Quay. Avon Beach can also be accessed from Mudeford Quay for those who are prepared to walk about a Kilometer.  Street parking in the area surrounding Mudeford Quay is difficult with almost all roads having yellow lines.

Southbourne Beach BH6 4BE

The main car park for Southbourne Beach is known as Warren Edge car park. This car park holds around 180 vehicles. It is very close to the beach with fairly easy beach access down a long ramp. There is also some road parking (approximately 70 cars) along the Southbourne Coast Road immediately above Warren Edge car park. Finally there is another council car park on the other side of the road to the beach.

More Bournemouth Beach Parking

Remember if you are using the main town beaches  Bournemouth town parking is not too far away. Look at town parking if you get stuck for a space. Here’s some suggestions On This Link

More parking ideas are available on the council website On This Link